About Aestus Induction

Aestus Induction (India) Pvt Limited provides state-of-the-art Induction heating solutions for various Industrial applications such as soldering, brazing, curing, research studies, hardening, annealing, tempering, forging, melting etc.,. Depending on need, solutions can be in the form of a simple stand-alone equipment or customised package. Solutions showcase the extremely user-friendly, compact and feature-packed Induction heating powersources from M/s Ameritherm Inc USA.

Aestus (ronounced : ay-stoos), a latin word meaning "passionate fire", is synonymous with the word Agni in Sanskrit. Our company imbibes the following operational values from this word:

Aestus describes our approach to the organisational mission. Fire is wild and consuming, it purifies and comforts, it reveals and illuminates. It facilitates the divine cause of reconstruction even as it destroys. The proverbial enthusiasm of flame allows it to keep its direction up even against all odds. We will pursue our goals with the same clarity of mind as personified by fire.

 Aestus denotes our attitude to work. For, fire is powerfully contagious to carry along everything on its way. Likewise, we believe we are here to jump the line, to make a positive difference to all our associates - upstream and downstream of our operations - and ignite their hearts with the efficiency, grace and aggression exemplified by fire.

Aestus inspires us to live everyday with a divine passion for life. We will face each day with the same vigour and respect. Saluting the spirit of fire which consumes every object offered to it without discrimination, we will approach each task - small or big - with equal commitment.